Our Pledge

SIDS and Kids SA

SIDS and Kids SA is an organization close to our heart. We have committed to donating a portion of all of our online sales to this cause.


Where possible, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact as we know how important it is to protect this beautiful Earth of ours. This is how we are doing it:

  • A focus on choosing locally sourced, sustainably grown flowers. We aim to source flowers that are more alternative, not only because we style these the best, but also because they often are hardy and can last several weeks with care.
  • Environmentally sustainable packaging - we love packaging that can be recycled or easily broken down, to do this, we seek to purchase from providers such as NoIssue Tissue who are like minded to us and create high quality packaging and mailing solutions.
  • Our vessel range is sourced from local op-shops or from high quality providers & producers. We aim to provide you with vessels that are not only high quality, but also long lasting or can have multiple uses