Our Story

What is Toni and Turnip?

Toni and Turnip started as an idea to itch the creative side of Yas’ brain. We already had quirky pet names which had a certain ring to it when put together. From there we started making what Toni and Turnip is today - a small, local, curated blooms joint where the main focus is on creating more alternative blooms for your spaces.

Monday to Friday we work in pretty wildly different fields, Yas works as an allied health professional, and Riley works in IT. The contrast of our natures compliments each other - Yas handles the blooms and socials, Riley does the logistics and website.

We both have a strong passion for good things; food, wine, design, music, flowers and our pets (of course). If you’re ever in need of suggestions for any of these, hit us up; we’re more than happy to share.